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Inspired by Rube Goldbergs and the marble machines I used to make as a kid, Tinker is a casual puzzle game where you set pieces down so the ball can reach the end. By connecting the holes in the pieces to the different pegs, you can create an intricate little maze. Be mindful, however, because not all the pegs and pieces will be used every time.

There are multiple ways to complete each puzzle, so get creative and try new things!


Mouse: Click to pick up and place pieces; move pieces

A & D: Rotate pieces

Made for the GMTK 2020 Game Jam

By Jordan Dube





Tinker.zip 30 MB


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Honestly, not bad. Kind of wish there was a level maker/editor function, but overall, the concept is great. Lots of potential here for making more with it, such as a Pachinko machine.

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Using Rube Goldberg machines as a concept for this was great! I like the overall mechanic where you take advantage of the pieces' pivot points/other marbles to help move the marble to the goal. One feedback I can give is to show some sort of visual feedback (like highlighting) when hovering the pieces over pegs so it's clear that the piece can fit there (without having to click to check). Other than that, the music's great, and the overall aesthetic is pretty nice.:D


Thanks for the feedback and thanks for playing! I'm glad you like the music!

Fun concept. Realized that you can still pick up and move pieces during gameplay though LOL. But it's enjoyable if I don't cheat.

Oh, yeah, whoops. Well thanks for not cheating xD Glad you enjoyed it!

Fun game, it didn't really fit on my monitor, but my screen is wierd. Well done on doing this in 48 hours

Thanks so much for playing!

Cool idea- I wish it were more clear when pieces would / wouldn't fit on the pegs. But overall nice work!

Thanks for playing!

Fun concept, but the controls felt weird and the difficulty was way too high.  There was no way to put down a piece once picked up, and trying to get the pieces to stay placed down was difficult.  Also the correlation between some of the purple pieces aw hard to figure out sometimes.

Thanks for the feedback! Pieces can be swapped by selecting a different piece in the inventory, or by pressing Play (unless there's a bug). The purple pieces are a lever where the basket gets pressed, the purple bar raises. Sorry for the confusion, thanks for checking it out!